Bouquet Preservation

Your wedding bouquet represents the beauty and new life of your wedding day. Why not preserve the joy and loveliness your bouquet represents by keeping it forever? 

Bouquet preservation transforms your incredible wedding bouquet into a work of art, preserving the memory of your special day. Using delicate layering methods, we’ll arrange your bouquet into the best design to highlight the natural beauty of your flowers. 

We’ve been preserving bridal bouquets for a long time; our tried and true methods will give you a stunning outcome!

What is Bouquet Preservation?

Bouquet preservation involves disassembling your fresh bouquet less than 48 hours after your wedding. Each flower is then placed into a preservation material where it will rest for 6-8 months. Following the preservation process, the flowers are carefully arranged in a 12×12 shadow box surrounding the picture of your choice. 

As you can see in the images below, this is a stunning way to preserve the memory of your wedding day and the beautiful flowers that made up your bouquet. Even more, it gives you a work of art to adorn your new home for many years to come.

Contact me to learn more about bouquet preservation or schedule this service for your upcoming wedding day!

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